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List of Science Experiments and STEAM Activities

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Talk of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is everywhere in the US right now. At STEM Spark, we know the news can be overwhelming - it is for us too. If you’re in an area where schools are closing and social distancing has been encouraged, you may suddenly find yourself trying to balance work and keeping the kids entertained at home. That's why we've gathered most of STEM Spark's science experiments and STEAM crafts here in one post.

1. We have a few free STEM worksheets posted in our shop.

2. Building a Leprechaun House

3. Exploding Snowman

4.Crystal Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

5. Hopping Corn

6. Flying Turkey

7. Erupting Apples

8. Frozen Shark Dig

9. Dissolving Rainbow Candies

10. May the Fourth Be With You (Chewbacca Puppets)

11. Plastic Egg Rockets

12. Plastic Egg Parachutes

13. Rain Cloud in a Jar

14. Non-Newtonian Fluid

15. Make Your Own Snow

16. Confetti Poppers

17. Jingle Bell Slime

18. Dancing Ghost

19. Fizzing Lemonade

20. Invisible Ink

21. Rainbow Explosion

22. Starburst Slime

23. Build Things With Boxes (like a Spaceship)

There's a lot of great STEM and STEAM books out there to occupy kids' time, and we are currently raffling off an Amazon gift card to be used towards these great books (but not much time is left on the giveaway!). We were planning to also review a few STEM toys for the April and May, but we may speed up our reviews so that our readers can benefit from STEM play while at home. Please stay tuned.

Also if you follow us on Pinterest, we have lots of fun STEM and STEAM ideas for home. As well as some of our favorite STEM crafters are on Pinterest, such as Little Bins for Little Hands, From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom, Bridging Fundamentals, Teaching Ideas, Educator's Spin on It, Crafty Chica, Crafty Moms Share and Pragmatic Mom. We also love GoldieBlox's YouTube Channel and Slick Slime Sam's YouTube Channel-- they have great crafting ideas to keep kids busy (in fact just watching their channels will kills some time). If we've left some of your favorite Pinteresters and YouTubers off of this list, please share in the comments below.

We hope that everyone who hasn't been affected by COVID-19 stays healthy and happy, and to those who have been affected, our hearts ache for you. Virtual hugs!

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