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STEAM Activity: Confetti Poppers

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Wow, 2019 is right around the 90 degrees (get it? 90 degrees is a corner, haha)! I sincerely hope everyone had a few highs and good times in 2018, and as you ring in the New Year, may you enjoy this STEM/STEAM inspired activity! Happy Holidays and a Very Merry Happy New Year to all the STEM Spark readers.

You'll Need:


Toilet Paper Tubes or Paper Towel Tubes



Colored paper (optional for decorating outside of tubes)

Stickers (optional for decorating outside of tubes)

Confetti! (paper scraps, craft pom-pom balls, packing peanuts and other recycled materials are great for making your own confetti)


1) Tie a knot at the end of the balloon.

2) Cut the other end (the round part) of the balloon.

3) Place the cut end of the balloon over the toilet paper tube and then secure the balloon with tape.

4) Decorate the toilet paper tube as desired.

5) Fill the open end of the tube with confetti. Pull down on the balloon end and let it pop!

Then in case you're curious about how science is involved with a craft like this, well it's the science of energy transfer. When you pull down on the balloon, you build up stored (potential) energy. When you release the balloon, the stored energy forces the confetti up and out of the tube. Learn more about the Law of Conservation of Energy by watching this short video. Hope you enjoy this science meets art activity and your New Years Eve! May 2019 bring you great things and fun STEM-ing! (STEM can be a verb, right?)

And for more New Year's Eve STEM/STEAM ideas, check out this Pinterest board!

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Suzie Olsen
Suzie Olsen
Jan 07, 2019

@Kippi, Happy New Year to you!


Kippi Kim Gale O'Hern
Kippi Kim Gale O'Hern
Jan 05, 2019

Fun idea for the kids and a money saver too. I have not purchased the poppers for the past few years because they are too expensive, but I could try and make them with my kids. Great idea!!! Happy New Year, Kippi

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