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As I sat watching my child play the other day, I realized he was exploring his world with wonderment and curiosity; he had this spark to him.  That spark got me thinking about my own spark-- do I still have that spark for life as did when I was child? 

I can remember as a young child finding such awe and amazement in the world around me.  I was fascinated by science and math, day dreaming about being a vet, a marine biologist, a math teacher, a sound engineer, and finally concluding to study electrical engineering in college.  

I also had an interest in arts and language (and still do!), at one time thinking about being a gossip columnist or concert oboist-- I know, two seemingly  unrelated things.  But this interest in all of life's subjects, this spark, has lead me to the path where I am today.  I am a systems engineer who writes children's books and a blog about inspiring kids in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  

My hope with STEM Spark is to encourage all children, especially girls, to consider careers in STEM.  And even if a child chooses a different profession, like gossip columnist, I still hope that STEM Spark can ignite the spark that lays in a child-- that lays in us all.  At the end of the day, this blog is about having a good time while exploring STEM! Please take a look around and enjoy!  


Suzie Olsen

"There’s something precious about aardvarks. There’s also something empowering about girls who love math. Marry the two and you have a wonderful STEAM picture book!"

  - Rebecca of FranticMommy

"Completely charming, well written and illustrated. This is how we get kids interested in STEM subjects and promotes further learning. Annie Aardvark is a must have for every child's library!"

  - Richard Q.

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