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Edible Science: Rain Cloud in a Jar

Our STEM Spark friend Stephanie B. (hi Stephanie!) suggested that we do the edible science experiment rain cloud in a jar, and although we've done this one a few times before, we couldn't think of a better month to finally share the experiment with the rest of our STEM Spark friends! Because April brings April showers; or in our case, rain clouds in jars!

You'll Need

Clear jar


Canned Whipped Cream (like Reddi Whip)

Blue Food Coloring


1. Fill the clear jar almost to the top with water.

2. Spray the whipped cream on top of water.

3. Squeeze a couple of drops of blue food coloring on top whipped cream.

4. Watch the blue food coloring “rain” down from the whipped cream.

You can also watch STEM Spark in action, performing rain cloud in a jar here. And to learn more about the science of rain, check out this cool video from The Washington Post. It also has a rain in a jar science experiment (which is also technically edible since it's water/ice) for you!

And like Stephanie B., if you have science experiment suggestions, STEM product suggestions or anything else you'd like to share with STEM Spark, shoot us an email through the contact form. Thanks, and happy April showers and science experiments fellow STEM Sparkers!

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