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Edible Science: Erupting Apples

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Let's fall for STEM! We're celebrating fall with this apple related science experiment [insert groan at our earlier pun], so grab that perfect fall accessory, the apple, and let's make it erupt!

You'll Need


Baking Soda



Knife and Spoon

Food coloring (optional)


1) Cut a hole on top of the apple using a knife (note: adults this is your queue to cut, and we hold no responsibility for your cutting technique), and then scoop out the rest with a spoon.

2) Set the apple in a pan (to catch liquid runoff) , and poor baking soda into the hole.

3) Poor vinegar on top of baking soda. Get ready for the apple to erupt.

We've got the classic (but always fun) baking soda and vinegar reaction going on here. The science behind the erupting apple is that when the baking soda and vinegar combine, they react to form carbon dioxide (CO2) gas.  The gas presents as bubbles in the liquid and boom, we've got our erupting apple.

Jack asked if he could eat the apple, and technically he can. I told him though that the vinegar would make it taste bitter (unless you're one of the few who likes the taste of vinegar), so he decided not to. Because everything is edible, apple, baking soda, and vinegar, I do classify this experiment as edible science (although remember baking soda should only be ingested in very small quantities).

Jack really loves baking soda and vinegar experiments, so he spent a solid half hour playing with the erupting apple. Jack and I hope our fellow STEM Sparkers enjoy it too! Happy STEM-ing!

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