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STEM Activity: Exploding Snowman

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Happy 2020 STEM Sparkers! I think there's some 20-20 vision joke in there somewhere, but it's been a busy week here at STEM Spark, so my mind is a little melted (haha, that's a joke related to snowpeople, get it?). Anyway, this week Jack and I did a fun science experiment where we had a Ziplock bag burst because of carbon dioxide. And to make it more seasonal, we first drew snowmen (or maybe snowpeople?) faces on the Ziplocks. Read below on how to make your own exploding snowman/snowwoman/snowperson!

You'll Need

Ziplock Bag

Markers (Sharpie is best)

Paper Towel

Baking Soda




1. Draw a snowman (or snowwoman or snowperson) face on the Ziplock bag.

2. Place about 1-3 tbsp of baking soda on paper towel (I admit, we eyeballed this one).

3. Fold paper towel up and place it in Ziplock bag.

4. Place snowlady Ziplock bag into pan, pour vinegar in, and seal bag.

5. Watch the explosion happen! Wee!

Jack really enjoyed watching the Ziplock bags pop; I admit it was pretty satisfying to me to. Then I'll reference back to the

previous post

so that you know how the carbon dioxide gas happened-- the carbon dioxide gas is what caused the Ziplock bag to pop! Looks, fun, right? So go now (or now? how about now?) to do your own fun exploding snowdudes! Happy science experimenting!

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