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STEM Activity: Confetti Eruptions for New Year's Eve!

Wow STEM Sparkers the end of the year is upon us! And of course here at STEM Spark we're celebrating the end of the year with math jokes (What did the person get for shoplifting a calendar? They got 12 months! Har, har, har!) and science experiments including this Confetti Eruptions experiment!

You'll Need

Baking Soda


Confetti (or glitter)

Plastic (or glass) champagne cups


Tray (or bowl)

Measuring cup (or other cup for vinegar)


1. Put plastic champagne cups on tray; the tray is to catch the overflowing, liquid eruption. Pour the baking soda into the champagne cups.

2. Pour the confetti (or glitter) into the champagne cups.

3. Pour the vinegar into the measuring cup (or other cup), and then the pour vinegar into the champagne cups.

4. Watch the confetti eruptions!

Some added fun for us was doing a count down (10, 9, 8...) before pouring the vinegar into the champagne cups. And of course the science behind the experiment: the vinegar is an acid and the baking soda is a base, and when mixed together they react, making bubbles (also known as carbon dioxide).

So how do you plan to celebrate and ring in the New Year dear? Tell us in the comments below. And we hope you had a wonderful 2019 STEM-ing dear readers (we sure did)! We wish you a 2020 full of wonder, curiosity, creativity, and joy-- whatever sparks you, may your life be full of it! Happy New Year's!

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