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Science Experiment: Dancing Ghost

I have the perfect science experiment for Halloween: Dancing Ghost! With just a little bit of static electricity on the surface of a balloon and a piece of tissue paper, we can make a ghost dance. This particular experiment for this particular time of year is one of my personal favorites to do with my own kid (slime, a popular Halloween experiment, can have all the other days of the year). This science experiment is great for kids of all ages; the wee ones may need a little help drawing and cutting, but rubbing the balloon back and forth on hair or carpet is easy (and fun) for all. It's Spook-tacular!

You'll Need:

Inflated Balloon

Tissue Paper




1) Draw a ghost-like shape on the tissue paper. Eyes and mouth on ghost are optional artistic choices.

2) Cut ghost out. Young children may require assistance with this step.

3) Rub balloon back and forth on carpet or hair. Tip: I recommend the hair method; my own kid giggled profusely at his hair standing up after rubbing the balloon on his head.

4) Move the balloon over the tissue paper ghost: watch the ghost "dance!"

Here's a good video from How Stuff Works on static electricity and balloons. And happy STEM-o-ween everyone!

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