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STEM Product Review: Kiwi Crate's Bubbling Cauldron Plus #Giveaway

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

The bewitching hour is upon us STEM Sparkers! Halloween is 22 days away (or is it 21, depending on if you count today or not?)! We love Halloween in our house, but here's a no duh statement, it sure will be different this year. We're not sure how we'll celebrate yet; it really depends on how our neighborhood is approaching trick or treating. Crowded doorways and not six feet apart on the sidewalk might be a bad idea, but if people are giving each other space and treats are at the end of the driveways, then perhaps we'll trick or treat. Masks are a no brainier for us if we go around the neighborhood, along with hand washing before and after.

There is some good news though-- there's tons of STEM and STEAM ways to celebrate this year! On STEM Spark, we have a hopping corn experiment and a dancing ghost experiment, plus a math worksheet for counting Halloween candy. And if you need a STEM inspired Halloween costume (because dressing up for Halloween with no place to go is still a lot of fun), check out this post. I've also pinned a lot of STEM Halloween fun to this Pinterest boad. All of these activities are perfect for staying-in, Halloween party.

And Kiwi Crate has some STEM or STEAM kits specifically to enhance Halloween fun in your home! Jack and I tried out the Bubbling Cauldron kit, and probably another obvious statement here if you know us, but we loved it! It was spooktactular (if you didn't see that coming, then I suggest reading more of my blog posts)!

I took this kit up to Flagstaff on our little Fall Break vacay, and for 2 days straight Jack kept asking me when we were going to craft it. Finally, after I had finished reading The Voting Booth (which I can't recommend enough for teens and adults), we broke open the Bubbling Cauldron crate. It was pretty easy to assemble, and Jack enjoyed decorating the witch's lab with stickers supplied in the kit. Then he got to make the cauldron bubble, while I told him that this reaction is similar to the baking soda and vinegar reaction (it's citric acid crystals and water instead of vinegar).

He did the bubbling reaction a couple of times, and then we put it away. I think this Kiwi Crate is my favorite, and Jack's second favorite (his first being the rainbow crate). I give it 5 stars out of 5, and Jack told me he gives it 100 stars. :D

And now dear readers you're chance to win this crate from us! One lucky STEM Spark reader from the US (please US residents only) will win this fun and spooky Kiwi Crate. Just use the Rafflecopter below or link here. Let us know in the comments your favorite Halloween activity, and of course, Happy STEM-ing while Halloween-ing!

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