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STEM Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

One of my favorite holidays is around the corner...Halloween! This year I'm going to go as NASA software engineer and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Margaret Hamilton. And if you and your little are looking for STEM inspired Halloween costumes, I've come up with short list of ideas!

Research Scientist

And of course a fun twist is mad scientist-- add some crazy, colorful hair and green liquid in the test tubes!


A different take for pilot costume is old fashion aviator outfit or Air Force jumpsuit.


Add a specialty using props-- surgeon with a plastic scalpel, pediatrician with a baby doll and so on. I also think Doc McStuffins is an awesome role model, and there's some great Doc outfits on the market.


One can also go as a NASA employee by dressing in professional work clothes and make a NASA badge.


Add some accessories like toy cars or toy wrench. Add a red bandanna in the hair and name tag "Rosie" to any mechanic jumpsuit, and you've got a Rosie the Riveter costume!


This one also called for some accessories like stuffed animals. It can also be an explorer costume.

Civil Engineer

Add a calculator or blueprints (rolled up paper). The costume can also be an architect or construction worker or general contractor or structural engineer's a versatile costume.

Marine Biologist

Got a stuffed animal dolphin, sea turtle, shark, whale, etc? Then you're one your way to being a marine biologist for Halloween!

Computer Scientist

Dress in khakis and a polo and add a Google, NASA, Intel, etc badge while carrying around a computer or toy computer.


Add toy dinosaurs or dinosaur bones and you've got a paleontologist.

Lego Brick

Since we're Lego obsessed in our house, there's a good possibility of one of us owning this costume in the near future!

Please leave a comment with your favorite STEM inspired costume, and for more ideas, check out A Might Girl or my Pinterest board! Happy STEM-o-ween!

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