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Trace the Number Worksheet for Winter

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Hi STEM Sparkers! I'm excited to share that I've added a new trace and count the number, lucky number 7, with a winter them to the shop.

Since this new trace the number worksheet has snowpeeps on it, I wanted to remind you of my other worksheet in the shop, the snowman sums worksheet.

And finally a reminder that I have an exploding snowman science experiment here, build a cardboard snowpeeps here, and make your own snow science experiment here.

Look, we live in Phoenix and rarely get snow (it's happened twice-ish since I've moved here in the 1990s). So I understand if you live someplace snowy, you're like yeah I'll just go play in real snow. But if for some reason the snow doesn't allow you to go outside, these fun STEM or STEAM activities and math worksheets will at least kill a little bit of time. :) Happy STEM-ing!

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