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Happy Book Birthday, Annie Aardvark: Adding Ants! Plus #Giveaway!

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

STEM Spark friends and family, you may recall that a little over a year ago, I went about indie publishing my book Annie Aardvark: Adding Ants and creating a Kickstarter campaign to help with the illustration costs (you can check out the Kickstarter post here if that tickles your fancy). It was a dream come true to receive support from friends and family to have successfully funded Kickstarter and even better to see the book actually published. I feel #blessed and my sincere thank you to everyone who's supported Annie Aardvark, STEM Spark, and me!

And to celebrate Annie Aardvark: Adding Ants' One Year Birthday, there's an Amazon giveaway! Three lucky (US residents only; ends Oct 11, 2019) winners will receive a copy! But if you already have a copy, there's still other ways to celebrate!

1) STEM Spark has a coloring sheet to accompany the book, so get your coloring on to celebrate! Click here.

2) There's also a fun (I mean depending on who you ask and how you define fun) math worksheet that accompanies the book! Click there.

3) Annie Aardvark is named after computer scientist and mathematician Annie Easley and Bobby, our left handed man, created this awesome printable poster of Annie Easley. Click sphere (or everywhere? just need another word to rhyme with here!).

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