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Trace the Number Worksheet for the Number Eight

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Hi STEM Sparkers! How's everyone doing? I got a little bit busy last week with my day job and forgot to post, oops. Jack's also been busy raising fund for his school's dance-a-thon fundraiser and building tons of Lego sets-- look at the cool Lego set he built me for Mother's Day!

I hope everyone who celebrated Mother's Day had a good one, and I'm honestly ready for the next holiday, which is Memorial Day, because I could use the R and R that a three weekend usually brings. Jack asked me the other day what was Memorial Day, and I did my best to explain that its a holiday celebrating and remembering military people. I'm thinking about getting him a book from Pragmatic Mom's Memorial Day book list to further explore what the holiday means.

Memorial Day also brings barbeques and swimming in our house, so I've created a count and trace worksheet for the number eight that highlights barbeque. Some other accompanying Memorial Day activities could be fireworks in a jar, pool noodle math, and ice cream subtraction worksheet. The ice cream subtraction worksheet and count and trace worksheet for the number 8 are both located in the STEM Spark Shop. Happy STEM-ing everyone!

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