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STEM Activity: Pool Noodle Math Game

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

STEM Spark wishes you a Happy Summer!!! Summer usually means more swimming for us here at STEM Spark, and we have the perfect STEM activity for swimming-- a pool noodle math game! It's guaranteed to make your math happy kid grin and your language happy kid groan. 

You'll Need A Foam Pool Noddle Scissors or Exacto Knife Permanent Marker

Instructions 1) Cut the pool noodle into 10 pieces.  This step should probably be done by an adult since scissors or an Exacto knife are involved.

2) Using the permanent marker, write one number, 1-10, on each pool noodle piece (also make a 7 ate 9 joke as you number).

3) Throw the numbered pool noodle pieces into a pool (this pool should be a pool you have permission to use).

4) Have the child(ren) retrieve the numbers you call out: "3! 10! 5!" etc.

Variations on the pool noodle math swimming games:

  • If you have an older child, tell them to retrieve 10-7; 36/6; 4+5; etc. 

  • If you have a child under 2, you can put shapes on pool noodle pieces and create your own shape game.

  • If you have a language lover, you can cut the pool noodle into 26 pieces and put one letter of the alphabet on each and create your own language game. 

Have fun swimming this summer, and always remember pool safety with your kids! Have a Happy Summer filled with STEM!

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