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Edible Science: The Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge

Updated: May 7, 2020

Hi STEM Sparkers! Are any of you having a hard time fitting work, homeschooling, and sleep into one day? I am! It's so overwhelming, but thankfully doing STEM activities together as a family has brought us a little reprieve. I know STEM activities and crafts may not be some people's definition of stress relief, but it is for us. And this weekend we tried the famous diet coke and mentos challenge. Check out our video below-- hearing Jack's giggles during the diet coke eruption is the best (says the biased mom).

You'll Need

Diet Coke (liter bottle highly recommended


Paper Tube (optional, but highly recommended)


Open the liter of diet coke and place it in a spot where you don't mind diet coke going everywhere (for us, it was our easy to clean up, dirt lawn). Place 5 mentos in the paper tube, with a hand on one end of paper tube. Place the paper tube full of mentos over diet coke and let it rip; make sure to move quickly out of the way (or be like us and put child in poncho, haha)!

Dear STEM Sparkers, I hope you find a little bit of joy like Jack did in seeing the diet coke erupt during these strange/stressful/hard times. Laughter can be good medicine for stress. And as always, happy STEM-ing.

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