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10 Virtual STEAM Summer Camps

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Wow STEM Sparkers! Summer is right around the corner. Jack has only 2 more weeks of school, but I know for a lot of kids, summer break has already begun. We're planning to send Jack to an in-person, day camp for most of his summer break, but there will be one week between end of camp and beginning of school where he'll be home. Bobby and I will have to work, so I'm hoping I keep to keep him engaged and entertained with one of the Virutal STEAM Summer Camps listed below.

1) Goldieblox's Curiosity Camp

Goldieblox promises to peak children's (and hey probably some adults too) curiosity with DIY hacks, coding, and fun STEM facts. I like Goldieblox's idea to have the real life STEM professionals who give a short presentation and then perform a STEAM activity with kids via YouTube. Jack is YouTube obsessed, so Goldieblox has chosen their (online camp) medium wisely. (Instruction is Free)

2) Little Passport's Summer Camp

Okay so technically this camp isn't online, but the subscription boxes promise to keep your kiddo entertained for 3-4 hours a day, and the activities in each box look pretty fun. The big plus of the subscription box is you don't have to scramble and scavenger for supplies.

3) Arizona Science Center's Camp Innovation (Virtual Camp)

We love our local science center! And it's awesome they're offering in-person and virtual this year (sidebar: yay for vaccines and health policies that make in-person possible). I like that one session is "Mix It Up", which looks like kitchen chemistry and science, and "Build It" which I'm thinking involves a lot of paper construction at home. Also, there are tons of science centers around the US and other countries, so you may want to check out state/provenience's local science center to see what they're offering.

4) McAufflie Center's The Life Cycle of Stars

This camp is for high school students only, but sigh, aren't stars and the thought of being an astronomer for one week dreamy?

5) Virtual Camp Kennedy Space Center

But never fear space and star lovers who are younger than high school! Kennedy Space Center has you covered with their virtual camp.

6)'s Hour of Code tutorials

Alright so this one isn't necessarily a summer camp, as you can get's tutorials all year long, but Jack has really enjoyed their Dance Party and Minecraft tutorials during his school's technology class. It's definitely worth us exploring again. (Instruction is Free)

7) Phoenix Zoo's Virtual Field Trips

Our local zoo isn't offering an online camp that I can see (last one posted was for December break), but they do have some really cool virtual field trips where you can print out an accompanying worksheet to keep engaged. Does you zoo offer virtual camp? Lots of zoos also have "cams" to watch the animals, so that's always an option. (Instruction is Free)

8) Kiwi Crate's Camp Kiwi

Yes this camp is another box subscription. However with Kiwi Crate's camp, they do offer up YouTube step by step instructions for each box. So perhaps we won't have to help Jack while he builds what's in the box?

9) Art for Kids Hub

When Jack did online schooling, he frequently visited Art for Kids Hub on his breaks (and sometime during class too, d'oh). Rob, the instructor, does a really great job instructing children how to draw, and it's amazing how well Jack has done with these art lessons. We'll definitely been visiting their website this summer. (Instruction is free)

10) Brooklyn Robot Foundry

Omg! I want to build these robots myself. It looks like you pay for the virtual summer camp and then pay for the materials separately, but I think the price is comparable to like Kiwi Crate and Little Passports.

So that are ten of the summer, online STEAM camps I'm consider. I thought about a Lego one, but I only know of in-person Lego camps. STEM Sparkers, do you know of a good virtual Lego camp? How about your favorite online camp? All recommendations are welcome; please leave them on the blog or social media posts. And happy summer friends!

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