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STEM Product Review: Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set Plus Giveaway

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Happy Friday STEM Sparkers! Happy Juneteenth! Happy Father's Day! I think it's time to celebrate with a STEM Product Review and Giveaway! We're reviewing the Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set-- this set is one of Jack's favorite. And one lucky STEM Sparker will have a chance to win in the set; just read on!

Will your kids like it and/or will you hate it?

This science experiment set is one of Jack's favorites. We saw it at a Michael's when he was 3, and when he asked if he could get it, I thought why not? One of the first experiments we did from the Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set was the color volcano. You build a volcano out of the Crayola Magic Modeling Clay (which came in the set). Sidebar, Crayola's Magic Modeling Clay is some of the coolest clay I've seen for kids. It's easy for kids to shape and model, and you let it air dry if you want it to set. If you want to reuse it again, just put it back into a Ziplock bag. I've also have had good luck with it not drying onto the couch, unlike some slime we had, and it doesn't crumble into a million little pieces like dry Play-Doh.

After Jack built his volcano, he then put in a colored fizzy tab (included in the set) and added water. Which lead to...volcano explosion! He added a different colored fizzy tab and watched the "lava" turn into a mixed color. Hence the color part of the set. Crayola has a great instruction booklet for each experiment in the set, and this booklet also explains basic color theory.

Jack has also done the glow in the dark worms, color mixing, and chromatography experiments from the set. We had some friends do the color slime experiment from the set. Jack will also ask to do the Magic Modeling Clay volcano every few months. The set only came with 2 (maybe 3; it's been so long) packs of the Magic Modeling Clay, so I've had to buy some additional Magic Modeling Clay. Well played Crayola, well played.

How long will it keep them entertained?

The Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set is a set that I thought we'd get a one and done use out of. I mean, I bought a 3 year old a set that is aimed at older children (the box just says for not for under 3 since there's chocking hazards), so it surprises me every time Jack drags the box out from the craft and science experiment closet (everyone has one of those type of closets, right?). The set has provided more hours of entertainment for Jack than I ever thought it would, so yay! Since the set has 16 STEM (or STEAM) experiments in its booklet, I think other children will get at least an hour of entertainment out of it.

Are they a good value?

Major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon still carry this STEM product 2 years later (it must be popular to still be around!) at $24.95. I think when we bought it at Michael's, I had a coupon that made it a little under $20. I do think that $24.95 is a fair price, especially looking at the prices of other chemistry lab sets; the price seems to fall in between most chemistry lab sets.

Ninja-like STEM Skills

I love it when the STEM skills are not so secret ninja, like in the Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set! Kids learn how to do the scientific method and how to conduct experiments, as well as learn the chemistry and color theory. And I guess since color theory is introduced as well as one has the opportunity to sculpt with modeling clay, that there are really STEAM skills in this set. Crayola did a really job with this set when it comes to showing kids STEM or STEAM skills.

So for us, the Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set receives a 5 out 5 stars (using the Amazon rating system). Jack loves this set, and I enjoy it too. And now one lucky reader has the chance to win their own Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below (or click the link here). US residents only please and good luck!

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