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STEM Product Review: Bubble Science Lab Plus #Giveaway

Well it's April STEM Sparkers. At least I think it is April. To quote a friend, it's like day 67089 of quarantine, so we hope all our readers are hanging in there!

A few couple of years ago, I got Jack a Bubble Science Lab. He's used it 3 or 4 times, including this week, so I thought it'd be a good product to review and giveaway on STEM Spark. I'm going to be honest, this review will not be one of our most thorough reviews; so much is going on as you probably can relate. So let's get started.

Will your kids like it and/or will you hate it?

I don't think the kids will hate. Jack likes and enjoys making a huge mound of bubbles. Adults may hate it as the bubbles may spill everywhere, speaking from experience. But it is fun to make bubbles and do perform the other experiments in this lab. And science is supposed to be a little messy, right?

How long will it keep them entertained?

He did this lab for 1.5 hours this week! It was amazing. I think I worked during that time. Or napped with my eyes open. But I cannot guarantee that will be the same for every kid. Fingers crossed.

Are they a good value?

First a shout out to where I got the Bubble Science Lab from: Mindware! I get alot of our science experiment kits (or labs) from Mindware, as well as the occasional STEM/STEAM toys. Last I checked this lab was under $12 (US), but shipping was almost as much as the lab, so trade off on value there. Although today only, April 2 (double check me on this) it's free shipping for any order/any value. Code HOPIN20 (again double check).

Ninja-like STEM Skills

The Bubble Science Lab does come with a list of different experiments to perform, and Jack and I talked about color theory (one of the experiments is to mix colors) and also how bubbles are formed. I briefly talked about surface tension, and Scientific America gives a more technical discussion on the how bubbles form than I ever could (as well as making your own bubbles and experimenting with bubble mixtures). So check, there's STEM skills.

Alright giveaway time. Please use the Rafflecopter below (or link here) and US residents only please! Good luck and happy STEM-ing!

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