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STEM Champion: Annie Easley #WomensHistoryMonth

Happy Women's History Month here in the US! To celebrate, STEM Spark is going to do special posts centered around women in STEM. First up is STEM Champion Annie Easley.

Annie Easley was a mathematician, computer programmer, and rocket scientist. Annie Easley worked at NASA, where she worked on one of the first-ever computer programs to enable space navigation. This computer program was used on the Centaur project, which is still considered one of NASA’s most important research projects.

She also performed important research on power plants and electric batteries while at NASA. Her research on electric batteries helped lay the foundation for today’s hybrid vehicles. Annie Easley also did tutoring and outreach with many students, inspiring these students, especially female and minority students, to consider science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers. This is why Annie Easley is a STEM Champion!

To learn more about Annie Easley, please visit and

You can also download a free poster of STEM Champion Annie Easley here. Happy #WomensHistoryMonth!

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