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STEAM Inspired Costume for Disneyland's Oogie Boogie Bash

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, Jack, Bobby and I went to Disneyland's Oogie Boogie Bash. Unfortunately tickets are sold out, but you can read more here if interested for next year. I recommend going once if you're not that far away as the Halloween themed bash at Disneyland is super fun and of course spooktacular (insert groan)! We had a lot of fun trick or treating, riding the coasters, and costume watching! People get really inventive in their Disney and non-Disney costumes during this special Halloween event, and I really wanted to bring the STEAM with my costume. Disney is a pretty STEAM oriented company, not only hiring artists and techs for making their movies, but employing engineers and other STEM professions at the parks-- or as I learned in college these STEM/STEAM employees are are called "Imagineers."

But probably the STEAM project that is most near and dear to my own heart is the Disneyland The Main Street Electrical Parade. I love as it an electrical engineer for all that beautiful electricity running through the floats' bulbs, but it was also a favorite attraction when I was a little kid way before I even thought of engineering as a profession. I even dedicated an entire post to this parade on my old blog Momeezee.

So it was obvious; I just had to be the snail from The Main Street Electrical Parade when we went to the Oogie Boogie Bash. I got to work, collecting battery operated LEDs, glow in the dark paint, fiber optic light-up snail antennas, and cardboard. I have to say, it turned out pretty cool and almost every single Disney employee got what I was-- I got quite lot of high fives as we went trick or treating through the park.

Started by cutting cardboard into oval like shape

Then painted ovals with green glow in the dark paint

Then hot glued on the lights and added ribbon straps

I did make Jack a glow in the dark and light up Buzz Light year costume as well, but his shoulder were not quite big enough to wear it. Therefore, he stuck to a fire fighter costume for which he received plenty of positive attention-- Disney Duck fawned over him. And I have to say it was pretty cute. Jack wants to be the snail for when we trick or treat at home, and with one small adjust to the strap width, he should be able to wear this costume. I'll have to make sure the music from the parade is blasting from my phone as he glides and spins on down the street.

Please leave a comment below about what you'll be for Halloween! Happy Halloween STEM Sparkers! And as always happy STEM-ing!

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