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STEAM Activity: Paper Dreidel

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate the holiday! Last year, Jack's pre-K teacher introduced their class to Hanukkah. She told them it was the special holiday she celebrated this time of year and went on to describe the miracle of Hanukkah. Jack came home that day, told us what he had learned about Hanukkah, and wanted to learn more. So I picked up Spin the Dreidel! and How Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukkah for our local bookstore, and Bobby and I read them to Jack. We have continued to read these books this year, along with A Kwanzaa Miracle, as Bobby and I feel it's a good to learn about other cultures. I also thought this year we'd make a paper dreidel and play the dreidel game-- not only to further our cultural understanding, but to strengthen Jack's math skills.

You'll Need

Card Stock


Glue or Tape




1. Print dreidel on cardstock. I found a printable dreidel on Printable4Kids.

2. If desired, color dreidel.

3. Cut out dreidel.

4. Fold and glue (or I've found for young kids, tape is easier for them) the dreidel together.

5. Play the dreidel game. Come on gimmel!

I've been in-person shopping the past couple of weeks, as COVID cases are high in our area, so our gelt is left over Hershey Kisses from Valentine's Day. And dear STEM Sparkers, I know this holiday season is most likely very different for you, but I wish you a bit of warmth and happiness in this dreary year. Hanukkah reminds me that even in dire situations, miracles and hope can happen. My wish for all you is that in the darkness, you find a glint of hope this holiday season. Happy holidays STEM Sparkers!

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