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STEAM Activity: Paper Bag Turkey

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We're pretty nerdy here at STEM Spark, as our readers know, so it probably won't surprise you that I subscribe to the Crayola newsletter (I'm sure Jack would too if he was allowed an email account). And thus how I stumbled upon the upcycle craft of Paper Bag Turkeys!

You'll Need

Paper Bag

Junk Mail/Newspaper/Brown Paper/Material to Stuff the Paper Bag

Construction Paper


Glue, Stapler, or Tape

Googly Eyes or Sticker Eyes (optional)

Markers (optional)


1) Cut turkey's head and feathers out of construction paper and set aside (at least is where I started). Decorate head and feathers as desired.

2) Stuff the paper bag with newspaper (or other material).

3) Glue shut the paper bag. Or in our case, we stapled the bag shut.

4) Adhere the turkey's head and feathers; we used a mix of staples and glue here.

5) Place your masterpiece center of the table or wherever you'd like!

The paper bag turkey is a fun decoration for displaying at Thanksgiving (if you celebrate), and with Thanksgiving comes the Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway Hop! I'll be sharing some of my favorite STEM books for children (that would make great holiday gifts!), and then raffling off a $25 Amazon gift card. So please check the blog next Friday STEM Spakers! And as always, happy STEM-ing!

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