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STEAM Activity: Ocean in a Jar for Shark Week 2020

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

STEM Sparkers, it's Shark Week! We love celebrating the odd holiday (check out our May the Fourth celebration post) around here, so you know we're not passing up the chance to celebrate Shark Week! I mean to be honest, I kind of thought we had missed Shark Week, as I read somewhere that Discovery had aired their Shark Week content in April, but my shark loving friend reassured me that we had not missed Shark Week. Phew! So are you ready to bite into Shark Week with our STEAM Activity (I don't think I've done a pun in awhile, and it feels good)? It's an ocean in a jar!

You'll Need

Jar or Other Clear Container (with lid)

Glitter Glue


Glitter (optional)

Sea Animals


1) Squeeze glitter glue into the container until it completely covers the bottom of the container (about 1" of glue.)

Tip: For best results, add the glitter glue before the warm water.

2) Fill the container with warm water and screw on the lid. Shake to dissolve the glitter glue into the water.

3) Add a little bit (or a lot) of glitter if desired.

4) Add a bag of sea animals, screw on the lid and shake again.

Tip: If you find the jar leaking a bit of water at the seal, add a thin layer of glue for extra support.

Also note, that if you use red glitter glue or red glitter, there's a chance it's going to dye your "ocean" pink.

Jack's Ocean Turned Pink :D

STEM Sparkers, do you have a favorite shark? If so, let us know in the comments. Here's a couple of shark resources too: WWF and of course Discovery's Shark Week. Oh, and stay tuned for next week's blog post: it's STEM Spark's 2 year anniversary and Jack's starting kindergarten, so we're going to celebrate! Happy SHARK WEEK friends!

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