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STEAM Activity: Light Up Wand Plus #Giveaway

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

September 1st was Back to Hogwarts Day, STEM Sparkers! Of course Jack, Bobby and I celebrated the day: we made a light up wand! This STEAM activity is super easy to do, and I apologize readers that you didn't have the how to before Back to Hogwarts Day, but you will have the knowledge on how to make your own light up wand for your next Harry Potter celebration!

And oh yeah! I also had a Harry Potter Lego bag I meant to raffle off before September 1st, but it's totally cool with you that I raffle it off now, right? Giveaway information below the STEAM Activity: Light Up Wand instructions!

You'll Need

Plastic Pipe

LED Lights (that have a battery pack attached)

Duct Tape

Scissors (optional for cutting Duct Tape)


1. Insert LED lights into the pipe. Note: I bought our plastic pipe from Lowe's. I saw it in the plumbing section and new it'd make a great wand.

2. Securely tape the battery pack (of the LED lights) to the bottom of the pipe.

3. You now have a Light Up Wand!

Alright, raffle time STEM Sparkers! One lucky winner will win the Harry Potter Lego poly bag pictured below. Use the Rafflecopter to enter (or click here) and US residents only please! Happy Belated Back To Hogwarts Day!

Note: By celebrating Back to Hogwarts Day, I do not condone what J.K. Rowling said about trans people. I hope she can grow beyond her fears (that drove her to say those things), realizing her mistake and apologizes to the trans community.

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