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STEAM Activity: Lego Heart Card

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day STEM Sparks! Here's a good STEM joke for you: "Watt is love? Baby don't Hertz me!"

Anyway, we had a lot of fun last Valentine's Day building this pseudo heart of out Lego, and thus, we decided to turn that Lego heart into a card! I mean, nothing says love like hard pieces of plastic bricks on a flimsy piece of paper right?

You'll Need


Double Sided Tape

Marker (or other writing utensil)

Lego Heart (click here for how we made ours)

Envelop (optional)


1) Adhere one side of double sided tape to Lego heart.

2) Adhere other side of double sided tape to paper.

3) Write fun message on paper using marker if you haven't already (the camera person forgot to shoot of this step; the camera person was me, it was me).

4) Place card in envelop if desired.

STEM Sparkers, we hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day! And keep STEM-ing!

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