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STEAM Activity: LED Greeting Card

Happy Father’s Day STEM Sparkers! Every June in the US, we thank the dads in our lives who made a positive impact in our lives. For me, my dad is the person who taught me optimism and kindness. A friend once told me that his smile is infectious, and I couldn’t have agreed more.

He’s also an engineer, and although it’s kind of a stereotype, engineers aren’t usually known for their optimism. He also taught me that failure in engineering school is more common than I thought, as I was flunking Physics 3 in the early aughts. He reveled to me that he had to take a couple of classes over a couple of times and a C average when graduating undergrad. It was the talk I needed to accept not being perfect in school.

So in his honor, I thought I’d make one of those light up LED greeting cards I keep seeing on Pinterest. In my quest for parts, I stumbled across Chibitronics. I followed their instructions for the kit I got, and then literally cut and taped it to to a piece of red card stock. That’s it!

Pretty easy, right? Above, is a picture of the process, and down below is a video of the final product, which please excuse my hand writing. I had intentions to use scrapping book letter, but the letter I had were too big for the card. If you end up trying out Chibitronics, other similar product, or your own stash of watch batteries, copper tape, and LEDs, leave me a comment. Happy STEAM-ing everyone!

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