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STEAM Activity for Ramadan

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Hi STEM Sparkers. How are you doing? I've felt unmotivated, meh and behind on things, like I didn't post this piece last week as planned, and today I learned the word for how I've been feeling. I'm languished. But enough about me.

This post is about doing crafts and reading books to celebrate Ramadan, which if you're not familiar Ramadan, it "is the month during which Muslims fast from before dawn until after sunset. People who are fasting must do their best to be kind to everyone, to avoid getting angry or losing their temper, and to be generous to others, especially to people who need help. Muslims believe that, during Ramadan, God blesses those people who do even a small good deed with a very, very big reward" (from Asma Mobin-Uddin, author of A Party In Ramadan ).

One of my favorite crafters is A Crafty Arab. She has a lot of great projects for Ramadan and for any time of year. One craft that spoke to me was her Night Moon Paper Plate craft that accompanies the book Night of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story by Hena Khan. The phases of the moon tie to Ramadan, as the crescent moon means a new beginning during Ramadan. This craft spoke to me personally because it has a STEAM component. The phases of the moon are showcased in this paper plate craft-- science meets art, love it! Also a plus is most of the craft is recyclable to complement Earth Awareness Month.

I did make a few modifications from how A Craft Arab made her Night Moon Paper Plate. I did not have the foam glue dots, so I used hot glue. I also didn't have black paint, so I used a Sharpie marker. Overall, I'm happy with how this STEAM craft turned out, and Jack thought moon moving on the paper plate was "cool" (to quote him).

Jack and I also read the book A Party In Ramadan from A Crafty Arab's picture book recommendation list. The main focus of the story is on Leena and if she can keep her Ramadan fast? Jack and I enjoying learning about Ramadan and how to support people who do celebrate holiday (even if we don't) through this wonderful book. Happy Ramadan to those who celebrate and happy crafting and STEM-ing to all!

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