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STEAM Activity: Chewbacca Piñata Plus Giveaway

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Happy May the Fourth and Cinco de Mayo STEM Sparkers! Jack has been exploring recycle, reduce, and reuse at school, and he had a school project to make something out of recycled/used project. He made two cardboard games, a pin ball/shuffle board and marble maze. His project inspired me to make a piñata reusing a small gift box I had-- the perfect STEAM Activity to celebrate both Cinco de Mayo and May the Fourth.

I made a Chewbacca piñata because Chewie is one of my favorite characters from Star Wars. But I think a CP30 or light saber would also be easy to make using a recycled box and tissue paper (easy in comparison to General Organa or an X-Wing). For more inspiration on piñatas, check out the awesome crafter and maker Crafty Chica-- she also made a Star Wars purse, which of course I love! May the force be with you on this craft, har, har, har.

You'll Need

Small Gift Box

Brown Tissue Paper

Hot Glue

Construction Paper

Sticker Eyes (or Googly Eyes)

Ribbon or String


1) First, I cut strips of tissue paper.

2) Then I cut fringe on the tissue paper strips.

3) Next I glued the tissue paper strips around the gift box.

4) Finally I added Chewie's details, like his bandolier and eyes, and a ribbon (to hang the piñata).

I'm probably way too proud of this Chewie piñata; one might call me Han Solo of Star Wars piñata making. ;-) Here's a video showing the final product:

I want to mention this great STEM book, One Is a Piñata: A Book of Numbers by Roseanne Greenfield Thong. It's a fun math book, introducing kids how to count, and it's a great book to accompany any Cinco de Mayo celebration. For any May the Fourth celebrations, the Lego The Force Awakens book by Elizabeth Schaefer is a funny read. And one lucky STEM Sparker has the opportunity to win both books! Please use the Rafflecopter below, and if you make any Star Wars related piñatas, leave a comment or tag me on social media. Happy STEM-ing everyone!

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