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Blog Birthday! There's a #Giveaway!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Happy blog-i-versary STEM Sparkers! Two years ago, I started STEM Spark, and with the help of my son, Jack, we've had lots of fun crafting science, tech, engineering, art and maths (STEAM) related activities and reviewing STEM products. When I started this blog 2 years ago, I didn't know how much I'd involve Jack, and how it'd turn him into a science experiment, STEAM craft, and STEM toy demanding monster. Like if he asks for one more marble run, I'm going to scream, "no!", but then secretly buy it for his birthday because I want to play with it. All joking aside, I'm truly living the engineering parent dream of having a kid interested in STEM and STEAM. We're certainly blessed to be doing what we love on our blog.

Jack's First STEM Product Review (and my photography skills have improved)

And I can't thank our readers, our STEM Sparkers, enough for following our blog. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I know that the blog has morphed a little from the original idea-- haha, I was going to write more about my day job-- but the mission has always remained the same: to inspire kids in STEM. I'm so thankful that all of you believe in that mission too. And the occasional giveaway probably doesn't hurt either. If there is any STEM related content or STEM products you'd like for us to explore, please leave us a comment! We're always looking for feedback on what interests our readers (like are the free worksheets actually helpful?).

So speaking of marble runs, I was recently in a group post, where the poster was asking about the best marble runs, and my friend mentioned how fun browsing Mindware is for STEM related toys and games. like marble runs. And it's true, that site is a really fun time suck when you're avoiding your work (which I would never do, wink, wink, wink; oh should I not wink?).

What's the tie-in you ask? Well, I'm going to raffle off a $25 Mindware e-gift card to celebrate STEM Spark's blog birthday! That's right! One lucky STEM Spark reader will win a $25 gift card to buy their favorite educational and/or STEM toy from Mindware (see what I did there, I tried to give you all more information about Mindware). Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below (or click here), and the giveaway is open to anyone who has an email and who can meet the terms and conditions of Mindware's e-gift card. Good luck, and again, thanks for following us! Happy STEM-ing!

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