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Back to School Book Reviews- Mia Marcotte and the Robot

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Welcome back STEM Sparkers for the next back to school book review! This time STEM Spark is reviewing the fun, STEM chapter book Mia Marcotte and the Robot written by Jeanne Wald and illustrated by Saliha Caliskan. It's definitely a book you want to download to your ROM (see what I did there? made a robot/computer joke)!

We did receive an e-copy of Mia Marcotte and the Robot in exchange for our honest opinion of the book.

Will your kids like it and/or will you hate it?

I really liked the book, and I think kids will like it too. I know I shouldn't use the word cute, but cute is the word I'm going to use-- it was a cute book! It was also fun and chalk full of STEM. Robots, 3rd grade science projects, adults who work in STEM-- so much STEM! Also, the main character Mia loves space and dreams of being an astronaut. I'm going to be a little lazy here and use the author's book description (but really the description sums up the book perfectly): "So when a field trip to the space center is promised for a successful participation in the school science fair, Mia is thrilled. The only problem: her attempt to build a mini-rocket in her backyard ends in a flop. But it also leads her to an extraordinary encounter—with Aizek, a curious robot who wants to learn imagination. Will Mia and her new friend be able to help each other get closer to their dreams?"

How long will it keep them entertained?

The book is recommended for grades 1-4, and I fully agree with that recommendation. This book is a chapter book with illustrations here and there, so it's the perfect format and length for the recommend age group. I read the book within 1-2 hours, so it should keep the kids entertained for just as long, fingers crossed, maybe even a little longer.

Are they a good value?

Yes, the paper back version of this book is listed at $5.99! Maybe that is the average price of a chapter book, as I don't read very many and Jack is still into picture books, but $5.99 seems good to me. Especially if it entertains your kid for 1-2 hours. You can also read the first 3 chapters for free on the author's website.

Ninja-like STEM Skills

I like that the book describes how to perform one of the classroom science experiments, inflating a balloon with vinegar and baking sodium, within the first few chapters. The book also mentions the some of science projects Mia and her classmates are doing for the science fair, as well as describing the science behind Mia's project. Kids will get lots of fun ideas for science experiments when they read this book!

My overall rating (based on the Amazon five star system) is 4 out of 5 stars! It's a fun and easy read weaving STEM elements throughout.

Happy STEM'ing and reading everyone! And make sure to keep checking the Back to School Book Reviews this month for your chance at an Amazon gift card (so that you can buy one of these lovely STEM books)! Make sure to note each book's name this month, as you'll be asked which one you'd love to read as part of the raffle question!

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