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STEM Book Recommendations: 2019 Holiday Edition plus #Giveaway

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Alright, it's that time of year again where STEM Spark recommends some STEM books for your Black Friday and other holiday shopping. But not only is STEM Spark recommending these books, we're raffling off a bundle of these books to one lucky STEM Spark reader! First up will be STEM book recommendations for kids, and then make sure to scroll all the way through to the bottom for your chance to win the book giveaway!

STEM Books for Kids:

STEM books for YA:

And finally STEM books for Adults:

So there you have it-- a STEM book for everyone on your holiday shopping list! And one lucky STEM Spark reader has a chance to win all 7 books! Books that they can keep all to themselves or give as presents to the kids, teens, and adults in their lives! But first, why such a book bonanza of a giveaway? Well I'm glad you asked! This book giveaway is a part of the Black Friday Book Bonanza hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer and Reading Reality (so many books are being given away, check out the list below)! If you love books, please follow these lovely ladies!

And now what you have been waiting for, your chance to win the STEM book holiday recommendation! Please US residents only, and use the Rafflecopter (or link here) below to enter. Happy Black Friday, happy holidays and happy STEM-ing!

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